In Arabic, the word Halal means permitted or lawful. Halal foods are foods that are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines.

In the process of preparing a Halal animal for consumption the following should be observed: The name of God (Allah) is to be pronounced as a reminder that we do not have the right to take the animal's life except by the permission of God to meet our need for food.

A sharp blade and skill in slaughtering is required to minimize pain and unnecessary suffering for the animal. This is accomplished by a quick cut to sever the veins and arteries of the neck of the animal, without cutting the nervous system or spinal cord.

The massive bleeding makes the animal unconscious in seconds. Leaving the spinal cord intact allowing for convulsions that result from the contraction of the muscles in response to the lack of oxygen in the brain cells. This will allow for the maximum drainage of blood, carrying away in part the waste and micro-organisms, thereby improving the meat's taste, shelf-life and healthiness.

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